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Exploring Clonakilty Distillery, Our Exclusive Whiskey Partner

Exploring Clonakilty Distillery, Our Exclusive Whiskey Partner

At CaskCap we are proud of our exclusive partnerships with some of the most exciting distilleries, in this article we highlight our fantastic partner distillery of Clonakilty.

The Scully Family have been dairy farmers on the windswept coast of county cork for 9 successive generations. Then in 2016 they had a brilliant idea. They were going to start a distillery. This wouldn’t be any old distillery, it would combine state of the art modern equipment with the best distilling traditions Ireland had to offer. The distillery itself was built in the heart of Clonakilty town and its panoramic stillroom, with 3 stunning Italian copper pot stills, offers exceptional views of Clonakilty bay.

Clonakilty’s new make spirit is beyond good. It is truly exceptional. It is so exceptional that it has won Irelands best New Make Spirit a record 3 times at the World Whisky Awards.

It all starts on the family’s coastal farm. The Scully family approached the Irish Seed Archive and secured seeds of rare Goldthorpe barley. Goldthorpe barley used to be one of the most sought after barley variety by brewers and distillers in the 1920’s because of the superior flavour it imparted, it fell out of favour when consolidation of the industry meant that the large companies started favouring alcohol yield over flavour.  Any barley that does not come from the Scully’s own farm is sourced within 15km of the distillery, from IGAS and ACRES certified farms, ensuring quality as well as lowering transport emissions. Their commitment to sustainability extends to redistributing 100% of co-products to local farms to use as feed and fertiliser, and powering the distillery with 100% renewable electricity.

All of Clonakilty’s casks are hand selected from top producers worldwide, ensuring that their award winning spirit is only matured in the finest casks, in their coastal Clifftop warehouse.

Clonakilty makes a truly Irish style of whiskey: Triple distilled Single pot still. This is the traditional method of Irish distilling and utilises both malted and unmalted barley to give a richer depth of flavour and beautiful creamy mouthfeel.

Clonakilty already is successful in 20 US states as well as many of the key markets in the EU. This is before their first Single Pot Still release. Due to the exceptional demand for their spirit, we are the only broker to have secured casks from them, and this parcel is incredibly limited and will never be offered again.

Clonakilty are at an incredibly exciting point in their journey and we are so proud to be partnered with such a special and award winning distillery.

We believe that Clonakilty will be the crown jewel in any whiskey portfolio. If you are interested, contact us now to start on your cask ownership journey with Clonakilty Single Pot Still spirit.